Mark Wahlberg
Automotive Group

Mark Wahlberg Automotive Group was founded in 2018 when Mark Wahlberg partnered with Jay Feldman to open his first car dealership in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, he’s opened several more dealerships with Jay which include Chevrolet, Buick GMC, and Airstream. The two are being selective about their acquisitions and plan to expand further to add to Mark’s evergrowing empire.

Feldman & Wahlberg Partnership

Jay Feldman and Mark Wahlberg met to discuss the idea of Feldman teaming up with Wahlberg to bring a Wahlburgers to Michigan. But this lunch was only the second time Feldman and Wahlberg had ever met. Their first encounter, a few weeks prior, was a brief handshake when Wahlberg was in Detroit filming “Transformers.”

Little did either of them know that that handshake would lead to a multimillion-dollar empire together that includes several restaurants and car dealerships. Along the way, they have also developed a deep friendship.

“Jay’s experience in the car business attracted me, even though we got into restaurants first,” Wahlberg said. “But I’ve always been a big car guy and he’s very reputable. He’s just a good guy, a great family man. We just hit it off right away.”

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