Interview with Jay S. Feldman of Feldman Automotive, Inc.

Detroit-based Feldman Automotive Group was formed in 2008 by owner, chairman, and CEO Jay Feldman. In 2013, he rebranded his various stores as “Feldman” dealerships to create a consistent, recognizable brand. In 2018, Feldman Automotive achieved record sales, selling 26,000 vehicles for $918 million in revenue. In 2019, the group set another new sales record of almost 28,000 vehicles sold, bringing in $1 billion and 50 million in revenue.

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Mark Wahlberg and Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Create Commercial for His New Car Dealership

Mark Wahlberg created a hilarious commercial for his new car dealership while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday.

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How Mark Wahlberg suddenly landed in car dealership business

Movie star and businessman Mark Wahlberg is getting into the car business with the help of a metro Detroit car dealer.

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