Longtime Livonia Chevy dealership was supposed to close. Now it’s a top seller

In late 2009, longtime Livonia car dealer Kit Tennyson was counted out. The Chevrolet store on Plymouth Road that bore his surname was barely making ends meet. It sold about 120 new and used vehicles a month despite its desirable location that could easily deliver double or triple that amount.

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How actor Mark Wahlberg, Detroit car dealer became great friends, business partners

Michigan car dealer Jay Feldman nervously sat in a restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts. It was a hot day in August nearly four years ago. He was there for a business lunch, which would normally have been routine for him, but not this time. This lunch was with one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

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How Mark Wahlberg suddenly landed in car dealership business

Movie star and businessman Mark Wahlberg is getting into the car business with the help of a metro Detroit car dealer.

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